Introduction to the „Music Business“ for the DIY Artist

House of Music
17.01.2023 14:00
31.01.2023 18:00

Short introduction:

This three parts workshop will guide you through the different elements that make up the music industry;
Labels, publishers, live agents.
As well as explain the flow of money to the artist and the assignment of rights to third parties (labels, publisher, GEMA etc).
It will clarify all the „lingo“ used in the industry as well as every main aspect of each part of it. And will be you navigate that environment successfully.
To sum it up, this course will take the different pieces of the picture and put them together for you to have a full view.


This course is for DIY artists (musicians, producers) as well as for people who are aspiring to get a start in the music business.

Great for beginners and intermediates, who want to expand their knowledge and knowhow.

You will be learning as well as participating in a debate and practical exercises.


After this course you should be able to navigate your way through the industry with confidence and to realize better what is and isn’t important to each and everyone of you according to your own personal career/aspirations.

3 Parts:

  • Part 1 – 17.01.2023 // 14-18hrs
  • Part 2 – 24.01.2023 // 14-18hrs
  • Part 3 – 31.01.2023 // 14-18hrs
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