Golosa – Cápsula del tiempo – Tag der Clubkultur event

Club, Networking, Workshop
Lokschuppen Berlin
08.10.2022 18:00
09.10.2022 10:00

Shaped by the past, produced in the present, preserved for the future. As part of „Tag der Clubkultur“, we welcome you to a Golosa Time Capsule night. A night to talk, create, perform and enjoy the club culture.

Golosa invites some newcomer and rising queer collectives talents who shape the Queer Berlin and International space to capture their actual essence and preserved it for the future.

Saturday 08th of October at Suicide Club, from 18:00, we start with a public discourse panel, a cross-generational roundtable discussion with guests who have helped shape the club’s culture and currently do. Panel Talk: Safe Spaces – Free Spaces or Delimitation? Followed by Laquefa007 and their Voguing workshop, On the Time capsule floor, our community has the chance to create interactive videos and paint messages, Last but not least, we want to enjoy the safer space that we built together and dance with House of (S)PUNK, SWEAT, and Golosa collectives on two dance floors, all night long.


🌳Growing Roots Main floor 🌳

18.00 Doors Open
19:00 – 21:00 Panel Talk: Safe Spaces – Free Spaces or Delimitation?
21:00 – 23:00 Voguing Workshop by Laquéfa007

From 23:00 House of (S)PUNK showcase:

La Fraicheur (House of (S)PUNK)
AC2 (House of (S)PUNK)
drazzit (House of (S)PUNK)
Suresh (House of (S)PUNK)

🔀Shaping Spaces floor 🔀

From 23:00 SWEAT & Golosa residents

Dgeral (SWEAT)
Sparkly Pony (SWEAT)
2FARO B2B KH38 (Golosa)
Amperia (Golosa)
Mashyno (Golosa)

Time Capsule FLOOR

19:00 – open end Exhibition, Interactive Painting area, Video booth

Entrance fee at the door:
Free entrance until 23:00
From 23:00: 15€

Entry for Refugees, Trans, and BIPOC on donation-based. The exit is final. Advance tickets have priority and follow a separate queue

Darkroom for ALL Golosians, no gender discrimination

PAY ATTENTION Respect our manifesto, read it on our website. Our awareness team will be here for any help.

Golosa has the right to refuse anyone’s entry including ticket holders.

We want to welcome you the best that we can, take care of you and give our all LGBTQ+ community a safe and welcoming place, and we need your collaboration for this, together we can do it!

GOLOSA, For people that love to have freaky experiences

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