Managing Yourself as an Independent Musician

House of Music
24.10.2022 00:14
26.10.2022 18:00

This three-part course offers a systematic and structured approach to planning your career as an independent musician. Often the individual elements of a music career are only considered separately from each other. But the reality is that many areas overlap and need to be planned alongside each other. Sometimes it can be that that goals or decisions from one area might require you to alter your plans for other areas. For this reason, we have developed a course that accompanies you throughout the entire process: Starting with the planning and setting of career goals; through to understanding were you stand in the musical landscape and how to use that insight to develop a fanbase or community; and finally walking through the process of recording and releasing your music.

This course, which also contains practical elements, consists of the following three parts:

How to create goals, strategies and plans within a musical career
How to identify and develop your audience
The practicalities of recording, releasing and promoting your music.

Detailed course outline:

  • DAY 1 – 24th Oct. 2022, 14-18h
  • DAY 2 – 25th Oct. 2022, 14-18h
  • DAY 3 – 26th Oct. 2022, 14-18h

1. Getting Organised, Setting Goals and Long-term Planning Managing yourself and your expectations

  • Creating career goals and strategies
  • Project management
  • Positive habit formation
  • Problem Solving
  • Visual Guides and other useful tools

2. Audience Building

  • Fans, and how they are created
  • Where do you stand in the global music landscape
  • How to connect with your potential audience
  • Understanding is Permission Marketing

3. Album Recording & Release

  • Recording and releasing as part of a career strategy
  • Rights and royalties
  • Pre-production
    • Getting organised
    • Songwriting
    • Making demos

4. Recording Signal flow

  • Home studio set up
  • Recording studio practices
  • Preparation and Recording

5. Post-production

  • Mixing
  • Mastering

6. Distribution

  • Design
  • Printing
  • Distribution

7. Promotion

  • Promotion in context of audience building
  • Traditional PR campaign
  • Social media tactics
  • Playlists
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