Berlin Finest x BDE

Lokschuppen Berlin
27.05.2023 22:00


LBDO [ Berlin Finest ]
Lilson [ Berlin Finest ]
HØLLE (2) [ Pfandidos ]
K1KO [ Passiv Aggressiv ]
Kling&Klang [ Error | Formula90 ]
DaSoMaZo [ Air Raves | Rivals Rave ]
Vysion [ Raveletics ]
TEØH [ MoreAmore | Sinful Oasis ]
Amara [ Obsidiana ]
Phara∅uk [ Berlin Finest ]
Yours Truly b2b Dahveed
Patrik Dayz
Richie Corrigan [ Pugatory ]
Ôneyra [ Triple Identity ]


This weekend won’t be like all the others. We will start the summer nights in Berlin’s clubs with a bang and start the open air season in the magical Suicide Club. With a hypnotically driving sound, you will dance your way into the morning rays of daybreak with Berlin’s finest selection of DJs. In the indoor floor, the ground is made to tremble. Hardtechno basses will blow away the last signs of winter tiredness. Let’s make this weekend and summer unique and dedicated only to the art of electronic music.

The BDE tickets grant entry to the Suicide Club at our event Berlin Finest X BDE.

—We would like to point out the conferences that BDE organizes to bring together creative minds for an exchange of knowledge. It is a unique opportunity to learn from experienced artists and producers as well as from connoisseurs of the music industry.

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