Workshop – An introduction to NFTs

House of Music
28.03.2022 14:00
28.03.2022 17:00

An introduction to NFTs, overview of the developing ecosystem, an in depth first look at Autonomies and Q&A.


Dozent: Oscar Atanga
Sprache: Englisch
Preis: 22 €


Part 1 – Background

  • Intro to NFTs – a brief technical overview of NFTs and a summary of key terms such as blockchain and Web 3 including a brief discussion of crypto.
  • Philosophical and practical underpinnings – a background into equity, revenue and contractual issues with the current music industry model. A summary of the issues with live performance revenue since the pandemic.
  • Solutions provided by NFTs – discussion of smart contracts, sell on clauses, tech community, crypto.

Part 2 – Autonomies & B.A.D tech projects presentation

  • A walkthrough of the Autonomies platform.
  • Insight into the team and process behind developing a Web 3 NFT platform.
  • Brief overview of crypto wallets, particularly MetaMask (focussing also on security warnings)
  • Metaverse discussion and tour of metaverse event space including overview of key metaverse projects/activations.
  • Brief summary of related A.I projects and their link to the metaverse/NFTs.

Part 3 – Q&A

  • Discussion of the future possibilities of NFTs and Web 3 plus open floor Q&A.
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