NYE w/ Cari Lekebusch, Housemeister, Aérea Negrot

Suicide Circus
31.12.2018 23:59

Isn’t it nice when large-scale celebratory moments don’t rule out diversity and internationality in techno and house? Integrative concepts and ingenious celebrations complement each other, become one and can lead to an exhilarating result? This is how it should be! Again, even in these especially medial moments like the years change being celebrated on all sides, the flair of Berlin shines through. This open, cosmopolitan city full of versatility that manages to keep reinventing itself within the electronic music scene. And that the moment we stumble together from 2018 into the New Year, is also an expression of integrative and expressive zest for life in the balanced ratio. Techno-giants like Cari Lekebusch, Househeroes like Robert Owens, Berlin icons like Housemeister and Snax, Heroines like Aèrea Negrot, and thrilling acts like Errorbeauty arm in arm and side by side with the SC Residents. A really wonderful, thoughtful lineup, different from the whitewashed, mainstream marketing of electronic music in the solemn context of New Years eve, celebrated as clearly as a beautiful body under the muscle shirt of a well-built person, no matter what form, origin or orientation! And so we all surf into the New Year, hopeful that it unites harmonious in it’s variety and continues to be celebrated always and in new contexts. Cheers!


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