UN Club W/ Nihad Tule, Sev Dah, Borvac, LSN101…

Suicide Circus
18.11.2022 23:00

We are not gonna be the kinda party that hang on in social media thousands pictures and videos from the DJs or the club.

We aren’t gonna give a shit for how u are dressing. We are not gonna discriminate u for your language or for where are you coming from.

We totally agree on the no pics and no video policy as it protects those “safe spaces” that we used to enjoy without any fears…

We are standing for a healthy and synergetic environment and we are sure that it’s possible to get only the feeling and the richness of the music itself…

We want to keep politics and genders aside and keep focusing on progressive journals where you will lost yourself in sound and vibes… but definitely and more important, we are gonna try to drive you crazy dancing through a journey from the beginning to the end.

Hosted by FLDS Artwork by Pnoir Studio UN…






Fully Inclusive

It’s all about music…

Let’s recover the meaning of clubbing. Let’s be clubbers, again.

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