Workshop: The use of samples as a key to songwriting

Music Pool Berlin
17.06.2024 14:00
18.06.2024 18:00

Creating is hunting. Hunting for sounds, hunting for beats, hunting for inspiration. This workshop is intended for songwriters who wish to explore sampling as a creative tool.It is an invitation to think about music as a form of expression that transcends traditional music instruments. Following Marshall McLuhan´s saying that “the medium is the message” we will see how sampling offers an unconventional , often anti-establishment way of creating music that resonates pioneering movements in modern art. Coming out of the DJ culture of the 70´s, We will see how sampling profoundly changed pop music similarly to other advancements such as the electric guitar. We will also discuss what it means to be a DIY sampler-songwriter , musically, legally and ethically, as sampling is not just a technic, it’s a state of mind. In a world of information overdose, where musicians are flooded with an infinite number of virtual instruments and instant melodies, we will see how a good sample , a good piece of audio that means something to us can serve as a much needed anchor for our creative process.

Sampler songwriting is a two part workshop.

In the first part we will learn and discuss the principals and history of sampling.

The second part is practical.
To this part we will bring samples, musical ideas or other musical instruments and hopefully create something exciting together , while also building the foundation for our very own sample library.

For whom?

The workshop is intended for artists who wish to explore another avenue of expression and familiarize themselves with sampling, conceptually and technically.

There is no need to have experience with sampling or to own a sampler.

By who?

Asaf Eden is the songwriter and producer known as Ryskinder.

For more than a decade of musical activity he has been using samplers both live and in the studio

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