Berlin Invasion release party Blnv006

Lokschuppen Berlin
23.09.2022 23:59

One of the longest-running parties returns to the Berlin scene, after two years of absence celebrating the sixth release on vinyl, invites the godfather of the French and worldwide hardcore scene Manu Le Malin as a special guest, Colombian techno ambassador Sonico, plus many other artists and residents, for a party on two floor open-air and indoor. We’re back

Manu Le Malin  (Industrial Strength, Prspct)

Sonico (Techsound, Rave Alert, Industrial Strength)

SABINĒ (Sublimation)

Groove daniel (Lounge Squatt, Berlin Invasion)

Konik Polny (Joprec, Berlin Invasion)

Midirama live (Cirkus Alien, Apex Recordings)

Kosto (Rave Atlas)

FNTA live ( Berlin Invasion)

Mārcy V (NYC) ( Berlin Invasion)

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